December Club Ride – Snowy Range, 12/16/17

Our December Club ride is coming up in a couple weeks and I would like to post details for our ride! We plant o have this ride in the Snowy Range. Snow conditions are low right now in the snowy’s. We hope to have improved conditions prior to this ride to make sure this is enjoyable for all but if we do not get more snow in the next 2 weeks, we might choose to postpone or cancel this months ride. We will post an update as we get closer.

We will ride out plan is to ride out of Greenrock, more details will be announced as we get closer regarding different types of rides we will have.
Below are times and locations for meeting, all times below are the times we will be leaving the location –
  • Ted’s place, 287 & 14 – 6:15am.
  • McDonald’s in Laramie – 7:45am, We will stop to fuel the sleds at Big D oil then go over to McDonalds after. They have Wyoming tags if needed and non-ethanol 91 octane fuel.
  • Arrive at Greenrock parking area – 8:30am.
  • On the trail by 9am – let’s plan to meet at the restroom near the turnaround at 8:45am.
For current avalanche conditions, check CAIC prior to the ride to know and understand where avalanche dangers live on the day of the ride.  If you do not have avalanche gear please strongly consider the terrain you choose to ride.
Further contact details will be announced on our club email distribution list. If you are not currently a Blizzards member and would like to join us on our ride, please send us a message on our Contact Us page our on our Facebook page!
Blizzards will have our radios on channel 7 sub 7 on the radio for the entire ride up all day during the ride.

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