Ride Report – Snowy Range – 12/10/17

Seven Club member rode out of Greenrock in the snowys. Conditions have improved since the last storm!

Highway 130 is fully covered, until the junction with N. At the junction of Highway 130 and N we found a crew in a creek bottom that several club members help to dig out!

Off trail riding north from 130 and east from N was good. Still land mines out there but good considering the time of year and the lack of regular storms.

The rollercoaster is filled in well, the gap is still not crossable.

Most lakes are frozen and rideable and some streams are still open. Two more  solid storms are needed to make the snowy’s 100% open for riding. If you do choose to ride, go straight to the west face and stay well west of O and north of highway 130.




Ride Report – Snowy Range – 12/6/17

Two club members rode out of Greenrock in the Snowy range on Wednesday 12/6/17 and found conditions have improved after the most recent storm early this week that dropped upwards of 20″ of new snow. The western face has been favored the heavyest. It was found the that highway 130 was mostly covered with some thin/bare spots. Conditions have drastically improved since our last update for this area.

CSA Raffle Ticket Sales – Sportsmens Warehouse

The Colorado Blizzards will be at Sportsmen’s Warehouse in Loveland this week from 10am to 2pm on both Saturday 12/2 and Sunday 12/3 selling raffle tickets for a new 2018 Arctic Cat M8000 snowmobile!

Tickets are $5 apiece and proceeds go to both CSA and Colorado Blizzards to Advance, Promote, and Preserve the sport of snowmobiling in Colorado!

Stop by to buy a ticket and support both the Blizzards and CSA!


Annual 2018 Presidents Day Weekend Ride! – 2/16/18 – 2/19/18

Its that time of year for our annual Presidents Day Ride!

As discussed at the meeting, the ride this year will be at The Grand Mesa. We will arrive on February 16th, and depart on February 19th,  and have (3) locations for lodging available, see below –

Alexander Lake Lodge 

Thunder Mountain Lodge

Grand Mesa Lodge 

As we get closer we will announce details for rides during the weekend. We plan to have multiple groups each day in varying ride levels along with a night ride on Saturday night!

If you are not a member and would like to join us on our club ride, send us a message through our Contact Us page or on Facebook! We always enjoy riding with new people!

For club members – Details on how to reserve under our block rate will be announced through our club email distribution.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the snow!

December Club Ride – Snowy Range, 12/16/17

Our December Club ride is coming up this Saturday 12/16/17!

We will ride out plan is to ride out of Greenrock, and will gauge ride levels based upon number of people and snow conditions but plan to accommodate all levels of riders. See our Club Rides page for more information on our ride classifications.
Below are times and locations for meeting, all times below are the times we will be leaving the location –
  • Ride Leaders –
    • Adam Bell – Phone number to be in club email announcement
    • Ethan Nemcik – Phone number to be in club email announcement
  • Front Range Meeting place – Ted’s place, 287 & 14 – 6:15am.
  • Laramie meeting place – McDonald’s – 7:45am, We will stop to fuel the sleds at Big D oil then go over to McDonalds after. They have Wyoming tags if needed and non-ethanol 91 octane fuel.
  • Arrive at Greenrock parking area – 8:30am.
  • Please be geared up and ready to ride by 9am – We will meet inside of Ethan’s trailer – Chris Burandt Edition fifth wheel pulled by a tan lifted dodge. 
For current avalanche conditions, check CAIC prior to the ride to know and understand where avalanche dangers live on the day of the ride.  If you do not have avalanche gear please strongly consider the terrain you choose to ride.
Further contact details will be announced on our club email distribution list. If you are not currently a Blizzards member and would like to join us on our ride, please send us a message on our Contact Us page our on our Facebook page!
Blizzards will have our radios on channel 7 sub 7 on the radio for the entire ride up all day during the ride.

January Club Ride – Pinedale, WY – 1/12/18 – 1/15/18

I would like to announce details for our January Club Ride!

The Blizzards have decided to go to Pinedale, WY over MLK weekend. Many members have been to this location before and it always proves to be great riding and excellent conditions.

We will be staying at the Hampton inn & Suites in Pinedale, WY and have a block rate reserved for our members. Below are the details!

  • Hampton Inn & Suites –
    • 55 Bloomfield Ave
    • Pinedale, WY 82941
  • Arrive Friday 1/12/18
  • Depart Monday 1/15/18

If you are not a member and would like to join us on our club ride, send us a message through our Contact Us page! We always enjoy riding with new people!

For club members – Details on how to reserve under our block rate will be announced through our club email distribution.

We look forward to seeing everyone on the snow!

Snowy Range Ride Report – 11/25/17

Snowy Range Conditions Update –
We rode out of Greenrock on Saturday 11/25. Leaving the parking lot the road was still bare until Libby Flats so we rode the side ditch which had a good defined track and a fair amount of snow.
Snow conditions on the east face is very thin with landmines visible everywhere. The east side up to Libby flats needs several more feet of snow before it is safe to ride off trail.
Libby flats was mostly covered with some bare spots and a couple of pavement/dirt spots that were unavoidable. After Libby Flats, the snow coverage was good on the road and could be ridden at regular speeds until the junction of N to go North. The snow was deep enough at this point to do some mild off trail riding but there were still landmines visible throughout. Lakes were mostly frozen and rideable with streams still partially open with the occasional tricky crossing. We continued on and off trail until we got to Quealy where the snow conditions were the best of the day. The base was setting up nice with around 24 inches of good solid base. Light off trail riding in this area was possible.
We continued on NO and rode through the roller coaster to widow maker. The rollercoaster is almost 100% covered and rideable to get to widow maker. The base of widow maker and gap lakes need more snow and cold before the gap is crossable.
We went back to NO and continued east where the snow conditions stayed fairly good until the junction of NO and O. The snow conditions drastically declined on O, this area is not rideable until several more feet of snow falls. We proceeded past Brooklyn Lakes were the road was well covered until the junction with highway 130.
In summary, most areas trails are rideable on the west side, and the further north the better the snow gets. The east side needs a lot more snow before it is ride-able except for trail riding.