Ride Report – 11/18/2018

We had a group of 7 ride out of greenrock today and what we found made it seem like late December conditions! Coverage from the parking lot in greenrock was excellent for November. There was several feet of snow on the side of the road and fairly good coverage on highway 130 all the way to the junction with N. Even Libby flats had fairly good coverage.

Near the junction of N and HW130 we found 2-3 feet of new snow with a surprisingly good base underneath for November. Still plenty of landmines buried and partially buried, but again, for November very good coverage.

We continued north on N and found plenty of deep snow to play in. Lakes were mostly frozen but we still avoided them as much as possible. Streams were very well covered for this time of year but there were still plenty of holes to be found. Hillsides had fairly good coverage. We found a few spots with good coverage that we could do some mild climbing without to much worry of rocks but for the most part tree riding and climbing should be avoid until the base builds more. Stick to the meadows for now.

The base will likely settle early this week and the highway will likely start to be patching if you are looking to ride before thanksgiving. Hopefully the system moving in late this week will pan out. This will likely set up Colorado and Wyoming with a good base to kick off the season.

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