Snowy Range Ride Report – 11/25/17

Snowy Range Conditions Update –
We rode out of Greenrock on Saturday 11/25. Leaving the parking lot the road was still bare until Libby Flats so we rode the side ditch which had a good defined track and a fair amount of snow.
Snow conditions on the east face is very thin with landmines visible everywhere. The east side up to Libby flats needs several more feet of snow before it is safe to ride off trail.
Libby flats was mostly covered with some bare spots and a couple of pavement/dirt spots that were unavoidable. After Libby Flats, the snow coverage was good on the road and could be ridden at regular speeds until the junction of N to go North. The snow was deep enough at this point to do some mild off trail riding but there were still landmines visible throughout. Lakes were mostly frozen and rideable with streams still partially open with the occasional tricky crossing. We continued on and off trail until we got to Quealy where the snow conditions were the best of the day. The base was setting up nice with around 24 inches of good solid base. Light off trail riding in this area was possible.
We continued on NO and rode through the roller coaster to widow maker. The rollercoaster is almost 100% covered and rideable to get to widow maker. The base of widow maker and gap lakes need more snow and cold before the gap is crossable.
We went back to NO and continued east where the snow conditions stayed fairly good until the junction of NO and O. The snow conditions drastically declined on O, this area is not rideable until several more feet of snow falls. We proceeded past Brooklyn Lakes were the road was well covered until the junction with highway 130.
In summary, most areas trails are rideable on the west side, and the further north the better the snow gets. The east side needs a lot more snow before it is ride-able except for trail riding.

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